Katie Mac's Art Corner  

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So, commissions are open! A commission is when you pay someone to do artwork for them, if anyone didn't know that. Here are a list of prices and an example of what they would look like:

Sketch: $10

Pencil drawing: $15

Full-color: $30

This one is not the best example of a full-color but it was the best one I could find. I can do a whole lot better than this, believe me. :) 

If you don't want a drawing or paperchild or melted crayons, I will also do a painting if you would like one. Now, for each size of a canvas, the pricing will differ.


12 x 36: $40

22 x 36: $45

24 x 24: $50

24 x 36: $50

24 x 48: $55


30 x 40: $55

30 x 48: $60

36 x 36: $65

36 x 48: $75


48 x 48: $80

48 x 60: $125

I can also do hand-crafted home decor:

-Clay sculptures $10-$40

-Customized jar $10-$20

-Glass bottle decorations $10

If you would like to request any hand-crafted decorations, feel free to ask.

Alrighty, so there are my prices! I hope you would be so kind to consider a commission! Thank you! ~Katie Mac

May I also add:

Once you get the finished product, that's it. I will not accept a refund or return because no matter what it is, I put my heart and soul into it and try my absolute best to make it look perfect.

I accept money thru PayPal! PayPal link coming soon.