Photographs Photographs The Tracks. A shot of a train track-bridge in a forest that I go to with friends. 172153555 Up and Up We Climb. A bunch of these flowers were absolutely tall and beautiful. 172153556 The Fiercest of Them All. This adorable kitten was at last years Spring Fling festival. 172153557 Railroad. A shot of the same train track only on a different side. 172153558 Bubbles and Suns. This was taken for a school assignment but wasn't used. 172153559 Here Comes The Sun. A shot after a storm from last year. 172154009 Dusk Curls Around the Branches. Another shot meant for a school assignment. This one was used. 172154010 Crystal Clear. Again, a shot for a school assignment. I'm very proud of this! 172154011 Hello, My Name is Sunset. A shot from the 4th of July, I think. 172153596 Bubbles Bring Color. My cousin at my birthday party blowing bubbles. 172153597 Nutella. It's delicious! 172153611 We'll be Warriors One Day. My local zoo has two tiger cubs. This was taken last August. 172153612