Traditional Traditional Pencil Path - single shot Here's a shot of a picture WIP (Work In Progress) 161404303 Basics of my Life Full-shot of the picture, all done. 161404304 Artistic Like "Basics of my Life" only different. 161404305 Profile shot A profile shot of myself. I don't really know if I like it or not. 161404306 Demon/Zombie Apocalypse getup My demon/zombie apocalypse getup. I started writing a story about a demon/zombie apocalypse, so here's my getup. The story includes my family, friends, and celebrities, ha ha. 161405107 Copic Sketches Just a song title and word made with Copic markers. 161405108 Take it Away My first Copic sketch. 161405109 Eye See You! Just practicing a 3D style of drawing. I like this but at the same time not entirely satisfied. I'll definitely be trying again in the very near future. 170612705 Music, My Drug. My drawing of Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity, the singers for Blood On The Dance Floor. :) Love these guys. I went to their The Scene Is Dead tour and got to meet them. They were so nice and they gave amazing hugs! 170612706 ~trippy Spider webs and lightning bolt eyelashes make great accessories. :D 188571594