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So You Want To Be An Artist - Be Aware.

Posted by Kathryn on July 31, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Being an artist can be fun, but also difficult. Not only is it hard work, but there are also a lot of things to deal with. Here's a list of what to be aware of on the path of being an artist.

-CRITIQUES: Be aware of these guys for sure! Critiques may give advice, but they can be very harsh.

~Tipsy: Don't take all of what they say in the wrong way. There's harsh critcism but also constructive criticism. Constructive is: "Very good shading but it some places it's a bit too harsh for the light source. If you make it a bit lighter then it will really pop!" Harsh criticism: "The shading is all wrong and the light source makes no sense! Change it right away if you want people to like your art!" Well, there's a word for people who don't give out good criticism: Trolls. ;)

-DENIAL: Your art may not be accepted into a certain group or website you wanted it to be in. Be prepared for denial but don't stop at one group or website or whatever you want your art to be in. Keep looking and keep trying!

-TROLLS: Ahh, trolls. Gotta love them. If you don't know what trolls are, it's internet lingo for people who hate on others' art for no reason. Trolls are definitely an issue. Be prepared for those whene you post your art online. They'll talk crap about your art and say it's not good, but really if you check their profile, they'll most likely have nothing posted or their art is the crap.

-THEIVES: Art theives are a problem, like trolls. Also be aware that when you put your art online, it's very much possible that someone will steal it and claim it as their own, either as it is or change the colors. Better yet, they can trace over it and say it's theres. Always keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for any art that looks like yours, but isn't on your profile (on deviantART, you can see if anyone has downloaded anything of yours in the description on the side of your art under "Statistics".

~Tipsy: You know you have loyal online friends when they defend you and come to your side when someone has stolen your art. If you get the word out, you can report the theif's page and get their account shut down permanately.

Hope this helped you guys along your path to becoming an artist.

Thanks and remember: stay spontaneous. ~Kathryn

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